Each spring, and throughout the season, on behalf of the Kashwakamak Lake Association (KLA), Low Wake and Hazard Markers are placed and/or checked around the lake in an effort to mark some of the lake’s shoals, rocks, boulders, narrow passages etc.

While best efforts are made to mark the most hazardous areas, it is not realistic to be able to mark everything, especially in areas that are close to shore or have little boat traffic.

It is critical that boaters realize that these MARKERS are NOT navigational buoys. Instead, the markers are intended to call attention to SOME of the lake’s hazards.

EVERY individual operator of a watercraft is solely responsible for safe boating, including the avoidance of any marked or unmarked water hazards.

While we try to identify and mark hazards, the KLA is not responsible for ensuring all hazards are marked or continue to be marked.

Please report any missing or damaged markers to LakeSteward@kashwakamak.ca

Hazards and Low Wake Markers