Joining Us is Easy!

The Kashwakamak Lake Association (KLA) acts to monitor the health of the lake and its ecosystems, monitor lake issues such as taxes, interface with Municipal council, organize community events and keep all residents (seasonal and year-round) informed of important developments.

Joining the Kashwakamak Lake Association is easy. Simply mail us a $15 cheque with the KLA Membership Fee Form or use Interac to pay your fees directly.

US members please note that payment is in Canadian dollars only (the bank now charges us $10 to deposit US funds). Thanks for your cooperation. If needed, you can make arrangements to pay in cash in the summer when you are at the lake by contacting our treasurer, Email .

Association fees are due on January 15th of each calendar year!

KLA members also receive the electronic newsletter, The Kash Kourier each June and October. You can check past issues in the member’s portal.

Members can opt to get a printed copy of the newsletter mailed to them for only $20. All you need to do is indicate on your Membership Renewal that you want the printed copy and pay the additional fee. The newsletters are a great addition to your coffee table at the lake. Interested? Email us here.

Kashwakamak Lake Association Tug-of-War

Mailing Address:
Kashwakamak Lake Association
1715C Kashwakamak Lake Road
Arden, ON  K0H 1B0

The Top 10 Reasons to be a Member of the Kashwakamak Lake Association:

  1. Enjoy meeting your neighbours and having fun by participating in the KLA social events organized throughout the season (AGM & Annual BBQ and Fall Dinner & Charity Auction).
  2. Learn about matters affecting you and the lake through the KLA’s involvement with Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), North Frontenac Township, FOCA, NFLAA etc.
  3. Stay informed:
    • Enjoy reading the semi-Annual Kash Kourier – the KLA’s newsletter that is chock-a-block full of good information, pictures and updates.
    • Check back to our website, regularly for up-to-date information, business listings and other important information.
    • Stay abreast of cottage matters affecting you and the lake via emails to KLA members throughout the year.
  4. Get your views and concerns heard by local politicians making decisions that affect the lake through collective lobbying efforts on items that matter – There is strength in numbers and the higher the percentage of members the more our voice will be heard!
  5. Support Lake stewardship – The KLA Board has a dedicated board member who is responsible for the monitoring and testing of the water and working with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority.
  6. You can meet your really nice board members!!
  7. FOCA Membership – 2 for the price of 1
    • By being a member of the KLA each lake association member automatically becomes a member of FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations).
    • FOCA is a non-profit, voluntary organization representing 500 Ontario cottagers’ associations plus individual and corporate supporters. For almost 50 years, FOCA has been dedicated to supporting the interests of Ontario’s waterfront property owners.
    • This is accomplished by providing assistance and leadership to Ontario’s cottage associations and to our individual members, and through advocating for the long-term interests of our communities.
    • FOCA promotes sustainable waterfront communities by encouraging positive environmental stewardship, supporting strong community leadership, and through promoting fair and equitable public policy.
  8. As a KLA member you too can volunteer your time and make a difference for our lake!
  9. Plug in to great local businesses and resources via our website and newsletter business listings.
  10. Get great value for your dollar! It’s the best $15 you’ll ever spend to make a big difference for beautiful Kashwakamak Lake!