The Social History of Our Lake

The Kashwakamak Lake “State of the Lake” Report also includes a “Social History” section which is piecing together the story of our lake and how it was settled. It is a “living” section in that we will be adding to it as new information is provided and post it to this portion of the KLA website. Read the Social History section of State of the Lake Report, starting on page 69  to see what we have collected to date and then collect your own information and pass it on!

Please Share Your Story

Weiss Point from the Air- October 2004 – Photograph Courtesy of Geoff Scahill, Pine Lake

We are asking people who live, play and work on the Lake to share their stories. Add your photos, old documents and timelines. Share the history of your Kashwakamak Lake story. To date we have a comprehensive history of Weiss Point and we would like to add more. We have a map of the lake indicating where we have social history contributions so you can learn about the history of this beautiful lake.

Please help us out. Take some time this summer season to talk to your family and friends and then share it with us.

Please send your photos, old lake documents or for more details please contact Sue MacGregor  Email  

Need help getting your old photos and documents scanned? Contact Don Cory,  Email or call 613-336-2374


History of the Area: Elma MacLachlan has written a short history of the area.

History of Weiss Point: Dave Bouttell has written a personal history of Weiss Point.

History of Tower Road: by Ted Larson